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We specialise in the placement of risk specific policies for entertainment and sports operators. 

Our customers include artists, managers, promoters, agents, record companies and sponsors, for whom we arrange cover including:

Cancellation and Non-Appearance Insurance
We provide cover to the live music industry and other event organisers for single events or touring activities to protect against loss of costs and expenses, or gross revenue, guarantees, commissions, or fees.

Accident and Illness Insurance (including Key Man)
For individuals within the entertainment and sports industry who purchase cover to protect themselves in the event they are unable to perform in their chosen career due to accident or illness.  Clubs, record companies, or sponsors can also purchase cover for their contracted talent in order to protect their own assets.

Film and Media Insurance
A full range of package and wrap solutions for film production companies and advertising agencies including adverse weather policies for filming risks worldwide including cover for precipitation, fog, sunshine, wind and other weather perils.

Contract Bonus
For sponsors, sporting goods manufacturers and professional sporting clubs. It indemnifies against any potential exposure that exists under contract - such as player(s) bonuses - to third parties thus releasing funds from the balance sheet to be used elsewhere.

Prize Indemnity
A wide range of policies can be placed for all types of prize indemnity from simple hole in one insurance for local golf competitions, or professional tournaments, through to large marketing campaigns associated with major sporting events such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup.  Our team can help plan the insurance programme to support a successful campaign.

For more information please contact a member of our team.

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